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Farm and Ranch Day

We had fun joining with 4 other farms to promote alpacas and their wonderful fiber.

Our New Alpaca Breeders of Western Colorado banner


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2010 Crias!

Our first cria of the season arrived last Tuesday. What a pretty face…those eyelashes really get me.

Kuni - 4 hours old!

We are looking forward to:

Fortune’s Desert Princess x Pride – due June 10

Queen x Master of Ceremony – due June 11

Colllin’s Copper Penny x Pride – due June 17

Amber x Princeton – due July 21

Ruby x Princeton – due October 6

Breedings for 2011 crias have already begun:

  • Nievo is busy juggling four dates this month:   Alma, Boco, Analia, and Jane.  What a guy! He’s got even more girls out of town.
  • Mr October has two out of town dates who are picking up the tab,  then will come home to 5 more girls: Queen, Desi, Laurie, Chimes, and Malia.
  • Princeton will woo Noel and Jade and then go out of town to meet new girls.
  • Prosperity will be traveling to Avatar’s mountain hideaway in June.
  • Winter Star  is on vacation with Revelation.
  • Summer is taking a well earned rest.

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