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2010 Crias!

Our first cria of the season arrived last Tuesday. What a pretty face…those eyelashes really get me.

Kuni - 4 hours old!

We are looking forward to:

Fortune’s Desert Princess x Pride – due June 10

Queen x Master of Ceremony – due June 11

Colllin’s Copper Penny x Pride – due June 17

Amber x Princeton – due July 21

Ruby x Princeton – due October 6

Breedings for 2011 crias have already begun:

  • Nievo is busy juggling four dates this month:   Alma, Boco, Analia, and Jane.  What a guy! He’s got even more girls out of town.
  • Mr October has two out of town dates who are picking up the tab,  then will come home to 5 more girls: Queen, Desi, Laurie, Chimes, and Malia.
  • Princeton will woo Noel and Jade and then go out of town to meet new girls.
  • Prosperity will be traveling to Avatar’s mountain hideaway in June.
  • Winter Star  is on vacation with Revelation.
  • Summer is taking a well earned rest.

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Great Western Alpaca Show

Mr. October

We are heading to the Great Western Alpaca Show tomorrow (Thursday the 29th).  If not the biggest show in the country  – it is pretty darn close.  We will be taking Collin’s Princeton and Mr. October to show along with our booth display. Good luck boys!  Nievo wanted to come but he’s a little busy with the girls;) right now.

Collin’s Princeton

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Fall Crias are arriving!

Pride's Storm

Pride's Storm - 6 hours old

3 hours old

Horse Mountain’s Harmony – 3 hours old

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Horse Mountain Alpacas along with Marquita Ranch Alpacas are hosting a seminar for individuals interested in learning all about the alpaca industry.  Come and spend a day at Horse Mountain to learn and see if alpaca ownership is right for you!

Where:   Horse Mountain Alpacas

When:     June 6, 2009

                 10:00 am  – 3:00 pm

Cost:        $15.00 (lunch included)


Schedule of Events:


Why Alpacas?

  • A brief history of the alpaca and the alpaca industry. Why people decide to own this alternative livestock and their purpose.

Are Alapcas for You?

  • What is involved in owning and caring for alpacas?  
  • What do you need to get strted?  
  • What type of property and barn set up do you need.  
  • What are the initial costs involved? 
  •  How is shearing done and what do you do with the fleece?

12:00-1:00 (lunch provided)


Meet the Alpaca

  • spend some time with our alpacas
  • find out what to look for when choosing your alpacas
  • see some basiv herd management procedures (toenail trimming, shots, barn management)
  • look at some of the beautiful end products that can be made from their amazing fleece

We will be available to answer questions as long as you  have them!!





Click link below to get registration form:

Registration Form

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A beautiful day!

We are having a nice day today, unlike the other side of the mountains, where they are getting “feet” of snow. The alpacas are glad to be nibbling anything green they can find. The cat has come out from the barn to tease and the babies are running around looking for trouble. One mom at least is ready for this one to be weaned!

Hey, cat!
Hey, cat!


Aren't you getting too big for this?

Aren't you getting too big for this?

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