Heard Health Day!

March 28 – Herd Health Day! I wanted to get a closer look at how we all had weathered  the cold winter months. Everyone was body scored and weighed.  No surprises! Summer was little skinny and Leilani was a little fat!  Toenails were trimmed and  a few bangs were cut. We began the 3 day protocol of worming medication.  We have made it through the winter with no health issues!

The weather was cooperative, sunny and not too windy and only Chimes didn’t like the chute this time.  

April 3 – We got all the winter’s manure spread on the fields.  Good luck!  The next day the rain began and it poured for 2 days!  I can’t wait for the sun to encourage the grass to grow.


Next weekend Nievo and Amber along with her cria(Prosperity) will be traveling to Falkor Ranch in Elizabeth.  Nievo will be showing at the Great Western Alpaca Show on May 1 and 2 and Amber will be bred to Snowmass Nova’s Black Knight III.

We are getting our yarn, rovings and beautiful alpaca products ready to attend a llama show in Grand Junction on April 24, 25.

 We also signed up for

Just what are alpacas??

Just what are alpacas??

 the Fruita Farmer’s Market.  It was so much fun last year we just couldn’t pass it up.


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